To the men who have an opinion on dark lipstick (Please don’t)

To the wonderful men on my runway, this is what you should think about lipstick; nothing. Yes, we love it when you complement us; it honestly feels good to get an honest compliment from a fine gentleman like yourself. But we could not care less about your opinions on certain things no matter how ugly you find them, especially when it comes to make up.  I have seen a lot of men especially on social media giving their opinions on the dark lipstick trend and it got me wondering where they got the right to do that because I sure did not give you the permission to. We know you will never understand why we spend all that money and time on make-up and that is cool with us.

We do not care whether you think that red lipstick is not for every woman, we do not care whether you honestly find dark lipstick disgusting. When we come to you to ask you whether we look good, it does not mean that we cannot brave the world without a man’s cosign, we just need a spotter to nail the landing. So you can see why your opinion on make-up is kind of irrelevant. And as long as you know that, then you are in style.

But while we are at it, share with us what lip color you appreciate. (But I must advice you, we are not asking for your opinion.)

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Thank you for walking on my runway


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