Men's Style: Why the Cargo shorts get a pass on my runway.

Yesterday, I posted an article Backstage from Buzzfeed about why men should really stop wearing Cargo shorts. At first, I was like “yessss girl you are preaching”- but the more I read the article, I realized that maybe this article was written by someone whose boyfriend wore cargo shorts way too many times and she wasn’t having it anymore. I loved this sassy article because I am all pro men dressing better. ( I have to say this, this article is low-key for the white guys  hahahaha) Come Backstage to read the article; don’t be afraid to leave your thoughts in the comments. This is serious.

If this goes on, the fashion council might give your cargoshorts the boot and your shorts will start cock blocking you despite their comfort. So I had a 101 with the guys and it turns out that there is nothing but good shit about the cargo pants and we lost this round. You should pay attention to how some of them got defensive about their cargo pants. You know, like how you feel when someone insults your shoes? Mmmh mmmhh

The average number of cargo shorts they have is 4. I don’t even own that many jeans so I guess there is a reason as to why cargo shorts are getting a pass. Cargo shorts are getting a pass. I have never asked any man of mine to dress better because he wouldn’t be on my runway if he didn’t. So I am going to side with the boys on this one: you can wear those hideous shorts of yours just don’t say shit about my make-up.  Now we need to talk about those baggy sweatpants but for now, you can keep your cargo shorts but this conversation is not over.

Even David doesn’t care. This is a compromise; it does not mean that the cargo shorts don’t bother us.

But we don’t care at the moment....Just remember that this is a compromise.

Although guys always say that women dress the same but you and your squad are in all cargo shorts but we aren’t saying anything.

Thank you for walking on the runway, I am okay with cargo shorts  but if you don’t have to wear them than you shouldn’t.  Just remember that;

Come again


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