Monday Briefing: Teen Choice Awards and a Lupita question.

I had a wonderful weekend and I hope you did too. Now as much as nobody likes Mondays, we are going to power through it with our Monday briefing and we are going to have a great week while looking for the weekend as always.  I did not watch the Teen Choice Awards and I could honestly not care especially at this moment but there were some looks that I saw on the red carpet that reminded me of how cool of a teenager I was. Btw, I am there for Miley Cyrus hosting the VMAs. I am interested in what kind of circus she is going to create. Check out more from the Show Backstage.

Keke Palmer looked better than ever in a Guilietta Resort 2016 dress

Yara Shahidi in a one shoulder patterned flare dress styled with a braided side ponytail. She is very chic!

Zendaya Coleman looked flawless in an Ashi Studio strapless ruffles bandeau top with high-waist skirt with a thigh-high slit and her hair sleek. 

I have a Lupita question. So Lupita was spotted in this beautiful green stripes dress that I loved. I loved the fit and length. She is sexy in her Lupita charm. Which brings me back to the Lupita question, the hair; what do we think about the length? It looks great and healthy but I am so used to seeing her striking with a short haircut and my hair has grown longer and between the heat and having difficulty setting up a hair appointment with my hairstylist, I can’t help but feel unpretty because my hair is in that awkward stage where it is a kind of bob but not long enough to be a ponytail. If you have tried to grow back your hair, you know what I am talking about so dear hair, it is not you, it is me. You are healthier than before and I think we are in a good place. It’s me. So I could be asking this Lupita question on behalf of Lupita herself.  

I am seeing her starting to change her style, I wouldn’t be opposed to some highlights or a more fun hair cut in her Lupita way. She is such a simple girl.

Thank you for walking on my runway as always


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