Skin Care: A simple trick to take care of your skin.

Taking care of your skin is not something that you can leave the skin for. You can leave your hair to do whatever it wants and you just go on along with it but you can never let your skin do that because you will not like where it takes you. You can eat all the oily foods, drink all the sodas you want and go to bed with your make up on and let the skin do its thing. But we do not live in that kind of world.
Here is my favorite trick to keeping my skin clear among making sure that you are drinking the right amount of water; wash your makeup brushes once in a while. Perhaps, twice a month on a Wednesday like this!  

All you need is water, instead of soap, I use my face cleanser (There are makeup brush cleaners at CVS or Walgreens but you can always just use Johnson & Johnson baby wash)  and my personal ten minutes and my skin will thank me for it. I would listen to me. 

Thank you for always walking on my runway btw


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