Zendaya, Heels, Sneakers oh my!

Hello everyone! I hope this new week finds you all well.
I have some awesome news in the shoe world for us ladies...Zendaya is a goddess! 

Just in case you don't know who Zendaya is, she is actually a Disney child star who hasn't grown up to be a total train wreck (Sorry Miley Cyrus). She is up there with the likes of Hillary Duff and Ashley Tisdale- not bad.

But anyways, back to the important fashion update. Zendaya will be coming out with a gorgeous shoe collection come Spring '16, and I am way too excited to get my hands on these heels! This collection is titled Daya. She was able to partner with her longtime stylist Law Roach, who has been with her for many years, to create a collection ranging from sneakers, flats, sandals, platform heels and more! Pricing for this collection is in the same realm as Aldo's price point, which is just beautiful. 
The Daya collection is so on point that I might be losing every paycheck once it launches. 

Here a few photos from her Exclusive First Look event.

Here you can see most of the colors Zendaya's incorporating into the collection. Tans, neutrals all the way to cobalts and reds.

These sneakers though! I think I need these ASAP.

And of course..for those who know me, this will OBVIOUSLY be my first purchase. How much more beautiful can these heels get?

If you want to read more about her launch and collection check out FootWear News



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