Brooklyn Beckham: Fashion’s favorite son.

One second you are in college on a mozzarella stick diet and another one you are watching young and carefree students hoping from one uber to another looking for the next party as you wide on a long week of 10 hour shifts. They grow up so fast just like Brooklyn  Beckham who is on the cover of Miss Vogue. He is growing into a fine gentleman; apples don't fall far from the tree. 
Anyways, fashion’s favorite son Brooklyn gave his first interview to Miss Vogue for her October Issue. He talked about his style icons, what he wants to do with his education and some father time. They are always having cute son moments; I am going to make him a style file Backstage.

Brooklyn’s style icons are James Dean and Steve McQueen and although he loves football, he says that he is very passionate about photography and film. And because he is only 16 years old, he is keeping his options open. A perfect road trip would be going on a bike trip with his dad and his biker mates along the East Coast. My favorite road trip would be driving to Texas with my squad to try all the good food the South has to offer- I am not much of a biker chic. That is Beckham’s off spring for you. Good for the 16 year old with the same mindset as him (To the 16 year old girls, this is the kind of boy you should crush on). Miss Vogue is pretty excited to have him on the cover. 

There is a story of his first date. David let him go but Victoria would not let him go by himself. So she told David that Brooklyn would not go on that date unless he was going to the restaurant with them. That’s funny and embarrassing but Victoria is that lady. #momgoals 


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