Beauty: Managing your curls? #whatsyourhairstory

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well this week!

So we kind of wanted to add some more fun to this blog, which is why I wanted to share some curly hair tips with you all. 

So to start off, my hair is naturally curly; the thick Puerto Rican curls that can sometimes be hard to tame. I have dyed my hair many times, but thankfully my hair is healthy due to the way I care for it. 

The way I get my hair the way it is in these pictures is actually pretty simple.

To start off I wash my hair with Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner for curly hair (purple bottle-- and no I am NOT being payed for this advertisement for them haha). I was never a fan of shampoos specifically for curly hair but Herbal Essence definitely changed my mind. I started off using their conditioner only and just using that, made my curls way prettier and curlier.

Once I finish washing my hair, I leave most of the conditioner in anyways. BRUSH THAT HAIR! I honestly have no idea how some people can just wash their hair and not brush it. I can't. Just brush your hair and your hair will be easier to take curls. If you don't brush your hair, the tangles weigh it down and it's just not going to be as nice (I've tried).

Once I finish brushing my hair, I use the same conditioner as if it were gel. I used to use gel but it made my hair too crispy and not cute at all. If you use gel or moose now and want to try this out, start little by little. Use less gel and add some of this conditioner into the mix. It works wonders!

Brush through your hair with your fingers after conditioning it. Mess it up, jujj it, bounce it around with your hands, flip your hair/head over and keep fluffing it etc. Once you finish that, flip back and style however you wish. When you are done styling or flipping your hair to a side (which is basically what I do), add a little hairspray to keep the look. The hairspray I use is Aussie Mega Hold. I have super thick hair and it's kind of long and I only spray a little, it holds- trust me!

 Well, I hope this helps you out. If you don't have natural curly hair TRY IT. I have told some of my friends this and it has worked for them, I believe everyone has curly hair, you just have to know how to bring it out.
If you try this out or have your own way to bring out those curls let us know! I'd love some new tips.



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