Retail Therapy: Primark, the new hot foreign kid in Boston.

I have an idea. If you have an hour or two, you should go to Downtown Crossing Boston. To get the real Boston feeling, you should take the train there. And for you, I hope you have already checked out Primark that recently opened opposite Macy’s.
Primark is an Irish clothing retailer mostly in Belgium, France, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands and Now the United States in Boston. It has not reached Italy yet but very soon. And on 25th November 2015, it will open at the King of Prussia Mall on 160 North Gulph Rd in Pennsylvania.

The one in Boston is four floors of affordable awesomeness. Everything is pretty basic but pretty at the same time. The prices are very pretty. Although it is easily competition for H&M –it is like the new hot foreign kid but it is not better than H&M. The prices are cheaper than H&M and the merchandise is as trendy but it lacks the thing that makes H&M unique. H&M will have things that you can personally connect. I felt like I was cheating on H&M until I released that there is no need for H&M to be jealous.

You need to splurge at Primark one or four times to get it out the system. If you have checked it out, let me know of how your experience was. I might have Primarked until I dropped but everyone has those days. I spied some good good for the fall.

The Pope is in the States. Look at how polished and stylish and fly our first family looks. 


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