SnapShot: Keke P young and proud in Maxim October Issue.

 Amongst of all the childhood stars of my runway, Keke Palmer is probably the only one who is still on the right track. Raven is on her own track, who really knows which one Miley Cyrus is on and the others stopped working so they are kind of irrelevant in this conversation.

Keke Palmer is in October’s Maxim Issue and she is young and proud. She is talking about her new show Scream Queens and what is next for her. Always for a goofy good time, she is busting up some moves as well. Read the full article HERE.

The photos are muy caliante 

We were not ready beautiful!!!!

 This reminds me, what’s good with that run I thought about taking two days ago?

 Fashion Month just started and my runway cannot wait to see what is happening to New York. Tonight is FNO but I am not paying that much attention to it because they took away our in Boston. Please stay on my runway so that we can talk about Fashion Week.

What do you think of the shoot? Come hang out at Stage right or Stage Left.



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