VMA's: The good, the bad, the ugly

Honestly, where do I even start? Should I begin with the hot, ridiculous mess that is Miley Cyrus or should I begin with the beautiful men and women who actually knew they were going to an award show and dressed appropriately?

I guess I should start with the good. My top two best dressed people at the awards have to be Nicki Minaj and Austin Butler.
Nicki Minaj just killed it on the carpet, along with a lot of gorgeous women but Nicki takes the cake. That gold dress against her skin color could not have been any better. The neck line was just perfect honestly. It's Nicki, I expect beautiful from her every time and she has not let me down lately.

For the men Austin Butler definitely put all the other men to shame. I don't know if its the simplicity of his look or those sexy blonde locks of his but he caught my eye real quick. He didn't go overboard with anything, he kept the look simple since it is just the VMA's, not the Oscars or Grammys. Loved it!

Now to my favorite! The absolute worst dressed at the awards. OBVIOUSLY I am aiming for Miley Cyrus because she was a train wreck through and through. The whole time the camera's were on her, I don't think I could have been more confused with her choices. When she first appeared on the carpet, I honestly did not expect anything less from her. I was actually thinking she was going to show up naked-- it's Miley, c'mon. I wouldn't have even minded the bottom of her "dress" if it was paired with an awesome plunging neckline...but she just vetoed a top and just went for nipple covers basically. Horrible, horrible.

I can go on and on about Cyrus but let me talk about someone else. Second place for worst dressed is between two people. Pharrell and Kim Kardashian.
Kim's dress was of course Balmain. I absolutely adore and love Olivier and Balmain but this dress. What happened? This dress would've been killer, if those damn pockets didn't exist. What makes someone look at this dress and say "hmmm... I think it needs cargo pockets"? WHAT?

Then there's Pharrell over here who looks like he raided a middle schooler's closet. Pharrell what's going on there buddy? Too small, too tight. I don't understand man, it just did not do you any good.

Who were your picks?


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