Beauty: Luna's curls #whatsyourhairstory

When Yali did her hair story, it inspired me to ask people to share their hair stories and I had to start right on my runway. I am excited to have Luna on my runway. She is always supporting my runway especially Backstage and for that, she has a better seat than Balmain on my runway. This is what she said. Thank you Luna.

My name is Sam Ramos (Luna) and I’m a NYC native with a self proclaimed global citizenship. Recently there was a blog posted by a very close friend of mine, Yali, which clued you into her curly hair routine. I am ecstatic that Reginah invited me to share my curl story with you all too!

A bit of background on my hair texture: a 4c curl pattern. I am of mixed descent being Puerto Rican, Japanese & Black, so my hair has the ability to do all sorts of cool things. I guess that’s the one thing I, along with others, adore about my hair, it’s versatility. Though I have never dyed my hair, I have had an undercut on both sides since 2012. I try not to apply too much heat to my hair too often because from previous experiences, heat damage strips your hair of its natural flow. I do not go to hair salons frequently because I think it’s way fun to do my own hair!

I have extremely thick, curly, kinky hair and I would say I am mostly known for the bundles of curls it holds. I wash my hair every 4-5 days because it is important to keep some of the natural oils in my hair. 

Though the natural hair movement has been on the rise, it’s always been my regime of taking care of my hair. The products I use to wash my hair are RAW SHEA BUTTER MOISTURE RETENTION SHAMPOO & RAW SHEA BUTTER RESTORATIVE CONDITIONER which are both really good for damaged, dry hair. For me, like Yali, it is important to brush my hair out while the conditioner is still in it. After the shower, I towel/air dry my hair to get it ready to be twisted. Now I do have a very tight curl pattern but I frequently make them looser curls via styling my hair. There are only two products I use in my hair: Coconut Oil & Olive Cholesterol. These products keep my hair soft, shiny and healthy.

When my hair is dried and moisturized to my liking I begin to part my hair in multiple sections and twist my hair. Now, there are two different types of twists I do in my hair: a regular two strand twist or a twisted braid (you can find tutorials on these techniques via YouTube.) I usually end up with about 30 twists in the end and I either let them hang loose or put them into Bantu knots (which Marc Jacob incorrectly called ‘mini buns’) before wrapping my hair in a silk scarf for the night. When the morning comes I rub Coconut Oil in my hands as I undo the curls and shake my head up a bit to my desired volume!


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