#FlashbackFriday: Fran Drescher's 'The Nanny' Style.

Apart from my African culture, Television is something that has inspired my style. For example, at some point in my life-hopefully in the near future, I will get to Olivia Pope’s coat game.Fran Drescher’s most memorable character, Fran Fine was one of my style inspirations; her boundary-pushing style helped me get out of my fashion shell. She was more than her big bouffant and off-color humor. Her take on 90’s fashion is still an inspiration in the 21st Century and on my runway. So this Friday, we are taking it way back. Scroll all the way down to see my favorite looks from nanny Fine; looks I would not mind having on my runway. These are looks that are still walking down the runways. 

Let’s be honest, although it is getting cold, you and I would still wear the look on the left. I’m pretty sure with a pair of tights and boots; you can still wear it on your weekend adventures. 

When she wore checkered, she made rocking the black and white print look very easy. She always paired it with bright colors. The miniskirt she paired with a bright-red neck top reminds me of the ones Nicolas Ghesquiere sent down the Louis Vuitton Spring runway in 2014. 

She was the queen of it all. I love the fact that she was not afraid of prints. 

This white fur coat look is one of my favorites. I never shy away from fur and neither did she. The coat looks similar to the ones that walked down the Louis Vuitton’s fall 2015 runway and definitely looks like something that Rihanna, Kylie or any other “It Girl” including myself would wear. 

Stylist and Costume designer for the show Brenda Cooper told the Los Angeles Times that Fran’s wardrobe ranged from Kmart finds to high-fashion items. “We use a lot of Moschino and Todd Oldham because they have a sense of humor.” A lot of Kenzo and Christian Lacroix ensembles also made appearances. Fur was always a favorite for Fran. Check out this fur jacket which was spot on for Fall 2015’s flame orange.

 These looks are very vintage Gianni Versace. That leather jacket is everything. She always wore her miniskirts with thigh-high boots which embody the sexy-chic allure of Donatella’s modern Versace woman. These are looks that you can easily put together from your closet.

What were some of your favorite things about Nanny Fine? I liked everything about her down to her laugh.

Thank you for walking on my Runway.
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