H&M brings the Holidays early with Balmain.

The cold is here which means that the holidays are around the corner.  Santa is going to have to step up his game because H&M decided to bring Christmas early this year. It is arriving on November 5th in all its stores. Here is the official Lookbook for the Balmain x H&M collection.

I know it is going to sell out within a second but I think it is only right for us not to be greedy. Grab one or two of your staple items that you can afford and give another girl to have a chance at those wonderful belts. Don’t be greedy like those girls who have fabulous shoes and hot boyfriends. Don’t be greedy with your Balmain.

If you scroll a little bit down, there is this burgundy fur jacket that I need in my life. The embellishment is right on point; there is not one item that hasn’t got wish list written all over it. Tell me what item should be in your basket. Also if you go Backstage, there are some good bridal collections.  

Images from Vogue 


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