Have you seen H&M's first Hijab-wearing model?

H&M revealed its new campaign for its autumn collection featuring a Muslim model. Her name is Mariah Idrissi. She is a Moroccan model and blogger and fabulous and here to change the game. This is the first time a Muslim woman in a hijab has been modestly  put on the face of fashion. I am happy because I think that Muslim women genuinely have a beautiful sense of style; I am an African woman, I know style when I see style.

I love it. I am here for fashion being diverse because diversity is a beautiful thing. There are over 1.6 billion Muslim consumers worldwide who constitute tremendous buying for fast fashion brands like H&M. So this is a wonderful business decision. Whoever came up with this decision should get a raise and longer lunch breaks on Thursdays to do some shopping.

We need diversity in fashion. Stay Woke! 

You are fabulous Mariah 


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