How do you fringe? #trendswelove

On my runway, we are always working to make things better. The glo The season for the style glo up is upon us. Something that my closet needs more of and a trend that I am feeling as of lately is the fringe trend.  Whether you like your fringe with a bohemian twist or straight out of the Wild West, something tells me that you are feeling the fringe trend too. From that fringe purse that you bought before fringe became OMG fringe. Or those booties that you have kept your eye on every time you are on the runway.

I love the look on the left. You can wear fringe with prints and color. It doesn't have to be only in black although it is just chic in black. But everything is better in black. The trend is fun especially in accessories. 
You cannot tell me that you have not seen those Tumblr girls or Ciara in a fringe dress and wondered whether you would be on the same slay level as they are. If we are being honest, It is kind of one of my goals to be on the same slay level as Ciara.

I think we should all embrace the fringe trend this season. I dare you to fabulously do so.  I have seen a sassy fringe belt at BCBG. I am not spending $130 on a belt but if you ever could. It’s such a nice style of dress. I would like to call it Wild West chic.

The trend is very chic with skirts too. It is my favorite. You can’t really fuck it up and when you do it right, you are the flyest of them all.

It is fashionable and trendy with sweaters.  You do not want to wear more than two fringe items at the same time. It is one of those things where it has to be the statement of the look. That’s pretty much the only rule of the trend. You can’t wear a fringe belt with a fringe skirt because that is just stupid. Stupid is a mean word but it just is. We call it like it is on my runway and the fringe trend is it this season.
You can come Backstage in your fringe boots because we are making room for the trend on my Runway. How about yours? 

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