Personal Style: African Chic

Being African means that we like are food well done and our fashion bold.The more prints and colors, the better. Get me a pair of elephant print pants and I am a happy girl: I will rock them even on my days off.

 On my runway, I often find myself being surrounded by beautiful people with great style so this weekend, I decided to have an on spot fashion shoot. African designs are always on my runway and this past weekend, I remembered to share with you.  The first one below is my older sister Linda who has an amazing style but I am denying if you tell her!

My runway is a place where yellows and purples and browns work together and we are not afraid to show it. This  outfit is very fall and tropical and I am here for it.

 How do you rock your African prints? Do not be afraid to accessorize your look because we are not.
On of my favorite looks, I love the way both colors respectively let each other shine while leaving most of the focus on the beautiful purple. Do not be afraid to add your personality to your personal style because after all, its yours. 

A smile is the best accessory a girl can have.  
How do you rock your African prints? Every outfit needs a color that is going to stand out from other colors and let it shine.

 On a side note, I know so many talented African designers. If you need connections to African designs, let me know because I know people. And if you are an African designer then you should get to know my runway.

Thank you for walking on my runway. Share with me your African fashion with me if you have it!


 Don't forget to come Backstage and HERE.


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