Show Review: Why Valentino is receiving my wrath.

As I was going through Valentino's collection. I was going through so many emotions. I generally loved it that it made me a little late; sometimes fashion does that. Anyways, moving past that little bit off TMI, as i was enjoying the whole collection i realized that they used like 2 out of 90 models. which upset me because here was this collection that I was really connecting on a personal level and they could not even use women who at least looked like me. Could have used a few Asians to make it really diverse. This is a collection made for women from Rome to Masaka.

Although they left their Italian heritage in Rome and went to Africa to get inspired by Masai beading, african masks, colors and prints; it looks like they could not find any African queens to bring to the runway.  That made me a little upset. The only thing with this collection is the lack of diversity in the modeling cast.

Its almost like "Hey African women, your culture is cool but you are not allowed on the runway." Why do we have to tell fashion to be diverse? These designers can be so blatantly offensive  and yet plead the fifth or better yet feign ignorance. They steal from our culture and yet blatantly refuse to give credit where its due. That is not okay with me on my Runway. Vogue

Here is part of the collection. According to Vogue, the show was attended by women who were wearing the staff. Not the borrowed staff. No, their clothes were purchased from a store with hard earned cash. I think every time a designer uses another culture as inspiration, they should donate some money to charities benefiting that part of culture.


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