A world full of bad trends.

Sometimes it’s a good time when trends become more popular. We are having a great time with burgundy lately you would think we didn’t know it existed as a color. And then there are those trends that won’t go away, like innocent killings of people. We are killing each other, we are killing the environment and the rent is too damn high, can barely get an interview for a job so basically we are failing at being humans. Especially those who fought over the H&M Balmain collection.

 I am over all these killings of innocent people because of their beliefs or whatever their reasoning is. It is sad, it is cruel and it is also stupid. I can’t go around eliminating any bitch wearing Ugg boots especially when it is raining. Just like you cannot just decide to bomb Paris on a Friday night; why can’t you find your own Friday night plans? Put on your favorite shoes and get lost in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I have always wanted to get lost in Paris only to get rescued by a handsome French man or I can get lost near Carrousel du Louvre with my black card. 

And yes I know that this is happening not only in Paris. It is happening in Kenya, Beirut let’s not forget about the police brutality going on in our own backyard. I saw a video of a French boy in shock after realizing that his sisters were dead. These are lives that will never be the same. We will never be the same. There is too much shit in the world. Too many bad trends on the runway and we will need to do more than call on God during moments like this.

Prayers are not enough. Paris and places that cannot have a regular Friday night need your help. Donate when you can.
Thank you for walking on my runway.We stand with our lights turned on for Paris


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