Beauty: Kisla's Beautiful Lengths #whatsyourhairstory

Walking down the runway is Kisla. This is Kisla; a queen crowned in her curls who knows Jay and Fab by heart. Don’t even think about touching her chicken wings. She made a beauty decision a few weeks ago for a good cause which turned out to be a glow moment. 

Her curls, just like her eyebrows are always on fleek until one day she cut it off. Kisla’s got o hair product is the cantu cream although you might need to be of Albanian blood to achieve those exact curls. You can pay for class but you cannot buy swag. 

Check out Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths to learn more about the wonderful cause. They make real hair wigs to help women fighting cancer beat it fearlessly. You can either donate 8 inches of hair or $8 dollars. Find out more HERE. 

If you would like to share your hair story, send me one either written or in a fun video like Kisla’s.
Thank you for walking on my runway.


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