Beauty: Nicole' s hairstory #whatsyourhairstory

Nicole is touching down on my runway to tell us about her hair story. If you are someone who would like to know how to better take care of your hair then this post is for you. Nicole has taught herself how to be good to her hair hence why she is the Queen of hair goals. Here is what she said below.

So first and foremost, my biggest piece of advice would be to do what works best for YOU. Staring at videos on YouTube was half the battle for maintaining my hair. For four years and even now, I'm learning my hair.  Choosing to no longer treat my hair with harsh chemicals like lye, was the best decision I've ever made and my hair has  taught me patience along the way.  

My last relaxer was May 29, 2011. It was the hardest process for my hair and self esteem at times. I grew my hair out and trimmed along the way and it was hard working with 2 completely different textures. I wore my hair in 2 crown braids until I did a mini chop 9 months into my transition. I've had set backs using too much heat and not maintaining my hair. The way I wear my hair now is a reflection of my time and my mood. Sometimes I wear it in a curly state and other times I straighten it to save time. I'm more conscious of the amount of manipulation and heat I put on my hair. I've have several set backs while not taking care of my hair. 

I believe deep conditioning and coconut oil have been my best kept secrets for the shine, health and length retention of my hair.  If my hair is lacking strength I use RedKen anti snap masque and Shea moisture Manuka honey and Manfura oil masque for moisture. I use Trader Joes organic coconut oil on my roots and ends for moisture as well. I dust (lightly trim) my ends regularly every 4 weeks or when it needs it.  

Please, be patient with the process if you're looking to go natural because in the long run it is definitely the healthier and stronger alternative to relaxing.

Believe in the power of coconut oil.

Thank you for walking on my Runway!


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