Retail: The Balmain Effect

One thing about my runway is that I personally do not like retail. After working all these years in retail, I realized that retail is hell. The people can be mean and inconsiderate you can therefore imagine what kind of nightmare it was when Olivier Rousteing’s hyped Balmain x H&M collection arrived this week. The only way to handle grown women and women treat act like that over overly priced sparkly dresses is to get away. I hope none of the workers were injured but most importantly, I hope they had a chance to choose their favorite pieces with a discount before they went on the floor.


Based on what most people said, it looks like not many of them were happy. Most of the consumers were left disappointed after waiting for hours in the hop of securing their favorite pieces. I was low-key also praying to baby Jesus that I grab one of those belts and a jacket but it is never that deep. Balmain is available all year around; it is supposed to be a luxury so I will not be waiting in line for hours for a good priced poorly manufactured Balmain. But that is just me. 

Because of the kind of people we are, the collection sold out so good luck if you need a piece or two in your closet.


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These images are worldwide too. I think the Balmain wave hit Europe the most.

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Florence via Vogue


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