Snapshot: Gigi and Olivier Rousteing for Numero France December Issue

 I am not here for Christmas music all month long. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas but do we have to start the music right after Thanksgivings? Happy Thanksgiving by the way, you are on my runway and for that I am thankful for you. I am here for those sales all season long and for the rumors of Zayn and Gigi dating.

Speaking of Gigi, here she is with Olivier Rousteing in the December Issue of Numero France.

Gigi is a great model. She is  poised with a fierce look in her eyes that makes her look so effortless. I am not sure whether she is even trying. Are you trying Gigi or is this just like breathing for you doll?

I would work on her chin placement but who I’m to say anything, the girl is making money. There is always room for improvement. The first picture would be more powerful had she improved her chin position to give a more bossy vibe to this shoot.

Olivier looks like he would be the perfect cuddling buddy. Cozy up to me Backstage.
Thank you for walking on you Runway.


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