BEAUTY CHAT: Whats wrong with your skin care? Tea Tree Oil?

So my cousin who lives in Texas is fabulous and she has unbelievably flawless black skin. it was skin care goals just like i was skin care goals for some people. I had pretty good skin and I took pride in it. You know, occasionally joked about how good black don’t crack and gave a shout out to the old Colgate trick here and there.

She told me that she was using the Tea Tree Oil Clean Skin kit so I went to the Body  Shop and got my clear skin on. It was amazing the first three months. My skin’s glow had its own glow and I praised my Ugandan genes until I started breaking out. It had been a while since all these things appeared on my face at the same time; it is causing such a frown on my face. 

Yeah you could argue that maybe it is my hormones but I swear it is the Tea Tree Oil because Proactive gave me the same result. It works for like a few months and then it brings you the acne that you did not have in the first place. It is made from Community Trade tea oil from Kenya and that should be fair on my Ugandan skin. It is supposed to combat breakouts and tackle excess oil and I feel like all it did was attack my face. It is so bad, I am hesitating of sharing this cool hairstyle I have on my Runway. Uggh I cannot be one of those girls, I am going to have to go old school on my skin care. I need avocados, water, aloe vera and fruits like mangoes to make it really a party.

If you have good skin and whatever you are doing is working for you then do not change it. Especially not with this tea tree oil. I prefer shoe problems.

Remember to take care of your skin.
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