BEAUTY: Tom Ford Lips & Boys's Drake is sold out.

Have you ever thought about Drake on your lips. No? You are the only girl who has not fantasized Drake all up on you? Mine involve a nice brunch. Now I can have Drake on me when I go to brunch; Actually I can’t because some other bitches beat me to it. Okay, this is what happened, Tom Ford released a beautiful lip color named after Drake. These kind of things occasionally happen with the brand.

The color is a metallic burgundy shade and it sold out faster than Beyonce tickets. you would have been able to find it at and Net-a-porter’ s US website. If you are in New York you could have gotten the lipstick and Madison Avenue and Oak Street in Chicago.

Have to have Drake on your lips, he would cost you $35 but it is now listed for as much as $118. These are the things we need to be on top of Reginah’s Runway. It is such a dope color too. I will get me one of those…….

It even looks good on the boy himself haha
Why is it very easy to make memes out of Drake?


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