ON THE RED CARPET: Lupita Nyong'o Season

Welcome back to the Runway. I hope you had a good weekend. My Karolines had their Christmas show and they definitely put me in the holiday spirit. It's never too late, I still have to do my Christmas shopping and I feel no pressure at all. So I was not watching the Miss Universe Pageant Show but something happened and since watching family feud is one of my favorite past times, I am going to try and help Steve Harvey and not talk about that cringe-worthy Miss Universe moment. do we have to talk about it now? uuuh I didn't even watch the pageant show but long story short, the crown went on the wrong girl and it was Steve Harvey’s fault and Miss Colombia was Miss Universe for almost a second. She could take it as the most embarrassing moment of her life or she could remember that she doesn't need a crown but also that there is only one crown.  I am eating Cheesecake while trying to come up with a new effective skin care routine. And Miss Colombia is out there getting almost crowned Miss Universe, I think none of us have anything to be embarrassed about today.

Sorry Steve, Sorry Miss Colombia, Congratulations Miss Philippines. Remember that the crown was almost not yours and feel blessed. Miss Colombia, you are blessed because you wouldn't want that big thing on your head. And Steve Harvey, don't be too tough on yourself, we have watched family feud, we know that you can read off cards pretty well. I am offering them therapy like anyone reads this shit. Thank you for being on my runway BTW. Moving on on to a beauty queen who doesn't need a crown, Lupita has been killing the red carpet once again y’all.

It is amazing the way she can make it look so easy yet we all know that that kind of grace doesn't happen easily but for her it's so natural. I am jealous. She has a couple of projects coming up. She is in Star Wars- I might be the only person in the entire word who knows is not hip with the galaxy but that is another story for another day. She is on Broadway and she has a movie called Queen of Katwe in the works. Let us say that the girl is busy and we are keeping up.

Here is a Lupita fact; when she auditioned for her role in the Star Wars movie, she was auditioning for the sake of auditioning. She did not realize that she had auditioned for Star Wars until after she got the call. Keep on prospering Lupita.  
Unbelievably rocking the blue lip color.


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