ON THE RUNWAY: Sydney Uncensored

I would like to introduce you to Sydney on my runway. She is a down ass chick working hard at Lasell College to get her Fashion Merchandising degree.Her fashion opinion is Reginah Runway approved. That is why you will see her on the Runway whenever she feels like it. We are on the same page about almost everything from crop tops to Rihanna to Rihanna in crop tops except one thing. It’s such a shame that we disagree on that one thing. But anyways, when you get her attention, you should ask her to break down the level of a female based on by her favorite Kardashian/  Jenner. Here is what we talked about when I got her on the Runway.

Runway: How would you describe your style?

Sydney:  My style is a little more urban and street with eccentric flairs like giraffe sweaters and graphic prints. A lot of reds, oranges, pinks and black. It is not an outfit if there is not a little gold here and there.

Runway: What are your wardrobe staple items?

Sydney: Ripped boyfriend jeans, cropped sweaters and ankle boots.

Runway: Speaking of boys, what is your opinion on man buns?

Sydney:  Man buns are some of my style peeves, if I have a top knot, you can’t have one too.

Runway: Eeeh they still have my approval. Anymore style peeves you would like to share?

Sydney: I am not a huge fan of the typical girl looks. like North face, leggings and Ugg boots or flannels, combat boots and over-sized sweaters and the vest over a half zip sweatshirt makes me wanna die.

Runway: Eww Uggs! Although not big on leggings, occasionally you will see big sweaters with over the knee highs on my runway.

Sydney: Well shit I am too but there is a chic way to do it. People just need to remember that leggings are not pants.

Runway: Favorite it girls?

Sydney: Zendaya OMG!!! I actually like Kendall Jenner’s style  but my favorite is Rihanna.

Runway: Zendaya is BAE and a Queen!!

Sydney: When she yelled at the magazine for retouching her, I gained even more respect than I already had for her.

Runway: I want to be like her when I grow up.

Sydney: Me too.


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