Runway Crush: Harry Styles and his shirts

Harry Styles is dope. He was my second favorite. Zayn was my number one, something about his look made his lack of personality almost acceptable on my runway. But now, Harry is the dopest. His swag (every meaning of this word. The boy basically breathes swag) is always on point and the hair. Have I told you about how we feel about hair and beards on my runway? It is his taste in shirts that make him a favorite on my runway.

This one time he wore this look and we could not even deal with anything.

They make you want to take it off him so that you can pair it with your pencil skirt to give it a masculine feeling.

The boy does not shy away from showing some cleavage and neither are we. 

Have you seen the One Direction Carpool Karaoke with James Corden?

I would like to have coffee in the morning with a British boy. You better werk Harry!

Come Backstage for a second. We are talking about Balenciaga. 


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