Santa glowed up and is taking selfies for a good cause. #YorkdaleFashionSanta,

Happy Monday. I have something exciting. Before we go into it, don’t forget to go Backstage, I have some Ready To Wear shows going on. Its exciting stuff. As a little girl, I used to love the Holidays. We would get only the biggest tree and put on lots of balloons on it. It was really exciting especially when Father Christmas brought sweets. Now I am an adult and Father Christmas is now Santa Claus and I am already over the whole Christmas thing the very second they start playing Christmas songs in stores. Thanks retail!

There is something about the Holidays this year. No, I didn’t get taller but have you realized that Santa Claus has done something different. I think for once he went out shopping for himself because he definitely changed his style and the weight is gone. Yes, this is Fashion Santa and I am more than happy that he is a thing.

His name is Paul Mason. He is a Canadian professional model who also plays Kris Kringle at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. He is known as “Fashion Santa” and I bet the mothers are loving him.

Yup, you definitely saw Mommy Kissing Santa.

Oh My Gucci, Santa now wears ripped jeans...

You can try to copy Santa’s swag Here with just a one-on-one personal shopping trip at Yorkdale. If you wanted to know how Fashion Santa keeps his beard that neat, then you must know that beard primping is a must. He uses beard oil and wash to keep his beard white and fresh. I have to admit, it is a pretty flawless beard.

Mrs. Claus will be mad when she finds out that we are all naughty because of what we think about Nick's new look. It would be dope if they had a Mrs Fashion Claus. I am imagining her in something Dolce & Gabbana.

Hello Nick ;)
You slay on Nick. Don’t forget to go Backstage. I will have the details of all of his looks in these photos too.


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