Welcome back from the holidays. I hope you had enough rest and didn't fight a cough throughout half of the holidays. I love my culture and nothing makes me feel more at home than embracing it through the little things even if it means simply listening to a Radio and Weasel song or having a mango. The cold winter makes it the homesickness worse but we Olivia Pope through it.

I am not writing this post to talk about how much I miss Uganda, I am here to share with you a cool artist who I stumbled upon as I was looking for my way home. His Twitter name is ART-MASTER and he has brilliantly given an African Traditional look to some of your favorite celebrities. He has Jay Z looking like Oga and Beyonce looking like the Queen that she is.

Ross like the chief of the village because let’s face it, this  fits him.

Drake the prince of Yola. This may look like a typo on “yolo” but I promise you, Yola is a real place in Nigeria. Anyways, this is the African Drake y’all.

And Nicki MInaj looks like your beautiful older sister on her traditional wedding day. She would make a beautiful African Queen.

This is a fitting look for Chris Brown. We all know that he has passed the dancing test, the boy moves like he got some African blood in him.

The Rihanna on could not be anymore perfect. This is fun. I love it. This is the dude’s twitter. I am ready to for the fruits of 2016. I am always Backstage so come and check us out.


  1. I saw this the other day and I thought to myself, what a brilliant way to showcase our culture and full of pride, color,authenticity and just so regal. This has always been "US", one can put a designer label on it and have it walk down the runway without giving credit as to where the "inspiration" came from...but when it's all said and done...Africa Aluta Continua!!!! Love frm TX


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