Men’s Grooming: Keep your beard clean.

The mood on my Runway because of this weather is to curl up in a cozy spot with a handsome bearded man who would be rocking a nice tie if it was not for this cozy occasion. 295 of women prefer men with clean shaven face so if it comes to whether you should keep your beard or not, you should probably listen to us the 71%. To make it look even better, invest at least five minutes in it because you will be in for a treat when your beard is looking fresh and clean.

For a healthy beard, use oil free moisturizer if you do not want it to feel greasy and nasty. I do not want to see your breakfast in your beard. You will smell good which is  always a plus. Take care of the mess and growth around your neck. Take a few seconds to fade your beard up from the bottom with a beard trimmer- which can be found anywhere from CVS to Stop and Shop to pretty much anywhere. The dividing line is the Adam's apple, anything below the Adam's apple has to go.

That is what we learned today in men’s grooming. If you are a guy, how to your take care of your beard. Do you have beard problems? If you are a person who likes beards: let's talk about beards, how do you like them? This can all go down HERE or Backstage.

Thank you for walking on my Runway.


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