RUNWAY TALK: Putting Jesus in the squad.

Someone once suggested that maybe I should get personal on my runway a few times and I was very quick to vote against it because NO. The key to success is to never let them see you vulnerable and as a Pisces, you have to walk down a few runways before you get to the crown.On Reginah’s Runway, we can talk about anything especially fashion, sex, politics and The Bachelor. And if you wanna talk about my conversations with God, I can tell you that we often have them.

So let’s talk about something else other than shoes. My family from both sides are very spiritual. The presence of Jesus and prayer is always there. To make a long story short, my grandfather (Babu) made rosaries his whole life so you can imagine, I know how to say my Hail Mary’s. I went to a boarding Catholic school for six years. We had to go to church at 7 AM everyday and I dreaded the Rosary Month because it had to be said everyday. When I was going through adolescence, the first thing I did decide to ditch was church. In a way, that was my cry for help to God. I wanted his attention and I was very Lace about it. (This is The Bachelor joke, that bitch is crazy..) I stayed away from the church because….you know why you ran away from the church too. I’m only a brat just like you and me.

Something happened: a laptop died, my heart was broken by a stupid boy with a charming smile and I felt like Jesus was the only friend who was there to lean on. I mean, the dude died on the cross for our sins.He gives great shoe advice too.  Jesus and for the first time in my life, religion was not forced on me. Putting Jesus in the squad healed a few wounds that I did not know I had. I will never forget the feeling I felt for those few seconds I was in the presence of the Pope in Philly in 2015. That moment healed a few wounds and it did that because I out Jesus in the squad. It is good to have a friend I the squad you can always rely on.

I might not be at the point in my career where I want to be, I might not have the shoes that I want (shoes here are metaphors)  My Runway might not be having the traffic that I want it to be- I want the traffic on Reginah’s Runway to be worse than Kampala traffic. But I have never felt closer to the Lord than I do with now and it is a beautiful feeling. I am awake, my Lord is in control and I am going to snatch up all the blessings with my name on them.                            

Do you have Jesus in the squad?


  1. In Jesus' name we claim all thy blessings. Ps.23


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