RUNWAY TALK: Yay or Nay for Hair Salon Small Talk

A Runway where we can talk about anything and everything. We are starting the week talking about that thing that regularly happens and you wish you could end it without coming off as a bitch: small talk. I would put small talk in the same category as Ugg Boots, fuckboys and grapes with seeds. Don't get me wrong, small talk can be useful especially during awkward situations but sometimes it is unnecessary.

For some people, hair salon small talk is a nice way of passing the time but for others, it can make the hair appointment as dreadful as the dentist’s. Sometimes it can be so natural but other times, I have come to get my hair done to try to forget about my day or week. My hairdresser always has Family Feud and since I know all the answers, we just play along and before you know it, I am in the dryer. Those moments spent in the dryer at the dressers are the worst waste of time yet they are very important.
Bauhaus Hair salon in Cardiff, South Wales launched a “quiet chair” which gave a choice for clients who wanted an appointment safe in knowledge that there will not be any of the forced chitchat.

I asked around on my Runway to see what their thoughts were. For the guys, they love going to the salon to get their haircuts. Apparently that is where the biggest guy debate happens. Who is the best rapper dead or alive? Who has a better booty than JLo. I can imagine the Kardashians are occasionally mentioned. That kind of thing but I would love to know what more guys think about this topic.

Most of the girls do not mind because it depends on the hairdresser. “If they are chatty then I am. If not, I let them focus and do their job.” Speaking of focus and doing their job, some thought that small talk is the reason of people’s haircuts going terribly wrong. “Doing hair is a job, so like at any other job, please concentrate at your job and lets get the best results so I can pay you my money happy with the finished product.” My Runway approves this message.

On my Runway, small talk can be mentally and physically draining. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. You are welcome Backstage.


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