RUNWAY PRODUCT REVIEW: Sunshine and Beach Bums by Katie Stevens

I don't know about all of you, but I'm missing the warm weather right now. Like, seriously. Sunshine and beach bums is my motto. Last summer I discovered this really great little etsy shop called Bandaid Box Bikinis. It is run by a local designer, Katie Stevens. Her handmade bikinis are not for the faint of heart. They favor a Brazilian style, which, if you are unaware, are very cheeky. The bikini bottoms come in a variety of colors and prints. As well as having the options to do a scrunched bottom (personal fav), ties at the sides, or even a bow (also personal fav).

The only downside to this adorable etsy shop is the lack of bikini tops. While you can get a fabulous, handmade, customized bikini bottom, tops aren't available. Tops take more time, more fabric, and more effort. Eventually, the shop may expand. But for now I suggest heading over to the Bandaid Box Bikinis etsy shop and getting yourself a custom bottom for $25-$35! Also, check Katie's page out on Instagram @bandaidboxbikinis and trust me, I wouldn't advertise these if I didn't already own one myself.


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