The return of Rihanna

Rihanna is back with her new song ft Drake and it is already Pisces season. It is such a beautiful song. It reminds me of the Island Rihanna. No one is cooler than Island Rihanna. She always does this, she always goes off social media for a while then comes back with beautiful art. I have listened to this song only twice and it is already better than BBHMM will ever be.

You better get to work. I better get to work. And you better come back Backstage with me.

Listen to "Work" HERE


  1. RiRi gave me "haaaaiiirrr" on Ellen Degenere's show this week...that ebony black bob was amazzzzzing on her and she was so much fun to watch and the gal has almost 100 definitions of what a hook up would be...interesting what they say...u never stop abt "closing an envelope, lick it and seal it"...RiRi's words...not mine but good enough to define a hook up. xoxo TX

  2. Lol I went out of my way to watch that video. She was a doll in that interview. She is definitely giving hair goals with that new hairstyle.


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