Barbie’s style switches up with Hijarbie.

So here is a joke for today. If you know me, you know that I have a sweet tooth, it is so bad it runs in the family. Babu surprisingly got to see 102 but the man had the sweetest tooth. For example:  3 spoons of sugar in a cup of tea is normal and on cheat days, I can go as far as 6 spoons. But today, I decided to only put in one teaspoon since the tea was Pomegranate. I wanted to add more sugar with every sip but I did not because I challenged myself to switch it up.

Just like my sugar habits, it's okay for Barbie to switch it up. I came across an article that was about this beautiful Hijarbie.  Hijarbie is a barbie doll dressed in a Hijab. She was styled by Nigerian medical student Haneefa Adam who got the idea after seeing the Barbie Style Instagram Account. She started dressing the doll in colorful headscarves, Abaya, maxi skirts and everything Muslim chic.

Hijarbie is necessary. Imagine a young Muslim girl playing with one or wanting one because she is dressed like her mother, aunt or big sister. No one in real life dresses like Barbie so she needs to get over herself and wear a Gomesi too. If you had a problem with Beyonce’s message during the Super Bowl Halftime performance then you also need to get over yourself. Anyways, check out this one inspired  by Lifestyle blogger Habiba Da Silva.

Hijarbie looked chic in this beautiful all black dress. This is how the stylish Muslim women I see around dress. We should not even think about making their culture a trend but we can appreciate them. I appreciate Muslim women’s craft with the eye pencil.


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