Guest Post: Cardi B's #BlackGirlMagic by Luna

“Washpoppin?!” is the greeting you’ll most likely get from today’s sprinkle of #BlackGirlMagic and it is written by Luna. It is a blessing every time she comes on my Runway. I hope you have a good weekend! Come Backstage for some NYFW here and there.

Here is Luna...

When I first saw Cardi B’s videos on Instagram I was hooked by her authentic expressions and I felt at home. As a young woman from the Bronx, there are rarely woman who make a name for themselves outside of the borough, the only ones I can think of being Justice Sotomayor, J-Lo & Kerry Washington. Regardless of people’s initial impression of Cardi B, whose list of entrepreneurial careers range from stripper to comedian to club host to rapper, she proves herself to be a person of a well-rounded education in both street smarts and book smarts. I never felt a true connection to any of the women previously mentioned, though they did have an impact on my position as a woman of color in the world but thanks to social media I felt like Cardi B was able to speaking straight facts about growing up in poverty, minding your business and getting lit! For a younger generation she brings a pizzazz, humor and gritty truth to us while trying to set an example for us simultaneously.

Cardi B describes herself as a “sensitive gangsta” and sometimes opens up via videos that address negative comments people make about her BUT what I love most is her self-assurance of who she is as a person. There’s nothing more powerful than a woman who knows herself and refuses to let people take advantage of what she is willing to bring to the table, especially with the rise of intersectional feminism. She is always speaking to young women letting them know that they need to do for them before they try to do for someone else and this is why she’s a great shout out for #BlackGirlMagic because she doesn’t let the negativity affect her relationships with others, whether it be personal or via the world wide web.

Cardi, we want to thank you for looking out for us and let you know that we got your back too! 


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