RUNWAY TALK: They don't want you to embrace your #blackgirlmagic

Happy February. This February, we are going to shine the light on fierce black women, I don't mean to only make it about women but I believe that black women are not uplifted enough in society. I often joke about this but as a 23 year old, being a black woman in America is one of the hardest things I have been through and just like you, I have been through some shit.

Black women have features and traits that are duplicated everyday while the media only praises the ones faking it. The amount of shit black women go through from our hair to the way we shake our hips is unbelievable. Can I move my waist to Rihanna’s work without you thinking that I am “ratchet”? The part that makes me roll my eyes is that it is cool and innovative when a white girl does it. Now, no shade to the white girls but this Ugandan American is out of eyes to roll.

It is very hard to find beauty products especially in the darker tones and when you find them, they are very expensive. If God made my skin dark then you sure as hell can come up with the right shade for my foundation. Why do we always have to speak up about things that should not be an issue in the first place.

The thing that made me run out of eyes to roll are the guys who have a “preference” so they do not date black women. If you have a preference, then why are you here telling my uninterested black ass. It is also a shameful thing that this kind of behavior usually comes from black men. I had a guy- who is dark as me tell me that I am the first dark skin he has been attracted to as if that was supposed to make me feel like. If you are a black woman reading this and you have not had someone tell you that “you are too pretty for a black girl” then I would like to give you a gift (Seriously).

That is why I am dedicating Black History Month to uplift myself and black women. Let's take this time to uplift our little sisters, cousins and nieces. They love being black until they have to be black and that is why they don't want you to embrace your black girl magic. And to the people from other cultures embracing ours, you can totally do that. Just don't plagiarize my culture.

I just want to drink water, keep my skin clear and stack up this money. I love my skin, my culture and everything that comes with it so let me be at peace with my black ass.

Thank you for always walking on my Runway. We can continue this conversation Backstage


  1. The black men with their self hate may have happened in the brown paper bag era ...the house slave vs the plantation slave....but not this men you might not support us chocolate gals who come in all shades of black and that's ok,love who you love...but what you won't do is take us down with you on your destructive path of self loath and self hate...misery loves company but you're alone on this one. Black gals rock and like they say, "the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice." xoxo TX


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