RUNWAY TALK: What about the Pearl of Africa

I wanted to talk about all the trends that walked down NYFW last week but with what is happening in my motherland, I want to get something off my chest. When I was a young girl, I wanted to be a Politician. I would imagine myself in a pencil suit in Parliament just dropping knowledge. Then I grew up and realized that Politics is just full of lies so I preferred to write about shoes. But today, I do not want to talk about shoes. I want to talk about what is going on in Uganda.

Let me try to tell it to you about Museveni's 30 year Ugandan dictatorship. Basically he has been in office for that long and when the people were ready to move on, Museveni decided that 30 years was not enough and basically forced himself

Uganda has had her President Yoweri Museveni for 30 years. That means that about 71% of the Ugandan population has only had one President. I thought that it was time for Uganda to have a change but Museveni and his supporters did not think so. I honestly do not think that this one style wearing hat dictator has supporters. He either pays them or threatens their lives like any dictator would.

I know that these kind of things happen around the world. This time it just hit home-literally. Because of the time distance, I am usually woken up by Whatsapp messages from my cousins. Sometimes I roll my eyes every time my phone goes off at 4 am but on Thursday February 18th, I woke up to a dry phone. I did not wake up to funny videos or memes from my cousins because the Ugandan government had shut off the internet. It shut off the internet on the day of the elections because it did not want the people to communicate with the outside world. That made me angry, worried and ashamed to be Ugandan.

At the moment, I am ashamed to say that I am Ugandan because all you will think of is Idi Amin and that anti gay bill. As I was counting my blessings, I realized the solidarity that the Ugandans around me and on the internet had. Just so you know, they are not okay with the results of the elections. I can speak for every Ugandan and say that the President who apparently won the election, no one voted for him. He has been in power for 30 years too long and he has not really done much. If he was working on building the country then maybe you have an argument but he has not. The children do not have school supplies, clothes. People do not have jobs and the women are being assaulted legally for wearing short skirts.

I might be a little biased by saying that Ugandans have good hearts but if you know a Ugandan, you know that this statement is true. It is not fair that the people are denied of their rights, shutting off social media was the breaking point for me. I am not okay with this, I am not okay with the direction my country is headed. Enough is enough.  I was talking to a friend of mine and he told me that it is important to put  Uganda in my prayers but God helps those who help themselves. Here is a petition asking President Barack Obama not to recognize Museveni as the President of Uganda because the elections were not fair and honest. Voting is a right and it should be free and fair for all citizens but if you read the news, Uganda was internet free and the cities were full of tear gas. Oh did I also mention that the main opponent Kizza Besigye was arrested about three times during last week including the day of the elections. This petition needs about 205 more people to sign it and if we can get more, that is even better.

I love my country Uganda and I should not  let its bad politics make feel me ashamed to be Ugandan. I cannot change the situation in Uganda and neither can you because the system is beyond corrupt but if we can all come together, Ugandan or not and put the spotlight on this issue; I believe we can bring the change that Uganda is longing for but for now, I pray for safety for the Pearl of Africa.


  1. If at all there was a blog/article written with so much soul...this is IT! I can feel the somber mood, the disillusioned tone of voice, the determination to dust ourselves off and keep fighting the good fight; all the elements that make for a good literary read are ensconced in this blog.
    The irony of this travesty that is the yet again newly "elected president" was his campaign slogan STEADY PROGRESS...sincerely at 30 years and counting, someone wants to insult Ugandans' intellect and tell us we are still just steadily 30 years we should be past "steady" and on to bigger/greater leaps and bounds moving our country forward.
    However "mr. president" if suppressing peoples' freedom of speech/expression by shutting down communication outlets and arresting opposition leaders is your definition of steady progress; then mission accomplished because your cowardly acts just dragged our country back to square let the STEADY PROGRESS begin.
    After wasting three decades and losing lots of valuable life because citizens lack the basic necessities all in the name of self gratification and avariciousness...enjoy it while it lasts...because nothing lasts forever and no one has ever seen a U HAUL truck loaded with wealth following a Hearse to an ancestral burial ground.
    We have seen many before you who thought they were invincible Gadaffi comes to mind but he met his demise like a scared rat in a sewer pipe.
    Aluta Continua!!!
    Thank you little sister for such a touching, wholesome blog. XOXO TX


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