Show Review: Alexander McQueen’s woman is a real show stopper.

Dont tell New York this but London Fashion Week is my favorite. I am a London girl at heart before a New York girl so to me, it just makes sense. It is still kind of difficult for me to accept McQueen’s death. Whenever a new collection comes out, I miss him and his creativity more and more. Sarah Burton has been doing a wonderful job and when you take a closer look, you can see the McQueen touch. I loved the kind of woman that McQueen was inspired by and for the RTW Fall collection it was not any different. This season’s McQueen woman was said to be a night-time creature who drifts between dream and reality. Everything about the collection was so beautiful that people started rumors that this collection might be Burton’s audition (in lack of a better word)  to Dior since there is a vacant seat after Raf Simons left last year. I do not know what to think about those rumors but I know what I think of this collection. For a girl who is constantly between dream and reality, this is brilliant.

Here are some of my favorite looks. Come BACKSTAGE if you have a second, its lit!

Via Vogue


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