Show Review: RTW Anya Hindmarch FALL 2016

Now that I am a year older, I am realizing that there are many things that I still have to learn. For example, why has it taken me this long to realize that Anya Hindmarch deserves a spot on the list of my favorite designers. Her  Fall 2016 Ready To Wear collection is very Asian chic in my opinion.

Let me explain Asian chic- Asian chic is the swag that Asians have-specifically Asian girls. We should get into their street style because I am obsessed with the way they like their fit. The shoe and outerwear game is out of this world. It is a good day when I feel the Asian chicness of my outfit.

Back to Anya, when you look at her RTW collection, you can tell that she was inspired by the inside of a video arcade machine. A lot of statement coats with fun details on them. There is one with an emotion trend-the smiley faces on the pockets. As you go through the collection, you feel her sense of humor on every designer. There is the googly eyes on the back of a pair of black Chelsea boots. A lot of inspirations from the Rubik’s Cubes. And one that made me laugh out loud was with a fried-egg shaped fur patches for pockets. You do not see a lot of designs like this on the runway.

Do you see why I said that this collection was very Asian chic? Also come BACKSTAGE if you have a second, I promise you a good time.

Images via Vogue


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