BOOBS 101: Now you know the seven types of breasts

his week, I am putting my spotlight on body image. Body image is something that I wish was not an issue but it is. We all have different types of bodies and despite what society says, as long as you are comfortable in your body then that is what matters. My Runway believes that the body is your temple and how you treat it is how you feel about yourself. Being comfortable in your own body should not make you any less of a woman.

I thought we should start this body image conversation with boobs. Boobs are pretty awesome. They come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes they can be a source of great motivation: I remember of a day when I was really down and I remembered that at least I had nice tits and that cheered me up.  I am thankful for mine and I hope you are of yours too.

A lingerie company Third Love created a chart of seven boob types that most women have and I hope that this chart helps you answer some of your boob questions. Knowing your shape of boobs will help you find the perfect bra. You can also shop bras based on your boob size.

There are the asymmetrical boobs. Most women have some level of asymmetry in their breasts. This is when one boob is bigger than the other.

Slender thin boobs are the ones with nipples pointing downward.

The bell-shape boobs are ones that are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom. Be careful not to confuse them with the teardrop shaped ones.

While teardrop round boobs are the ones slightly less full at the top.
 Side set boobs have wide space between them.
 Round boobs are the ones that are equally full at the top and bottom.

East-West boobs are the ones with nipples pointing outward.


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