Guest Post: Kimoji App review by Yali.

Okay, Yali is not really a guest on my Runway but she is stopping by my Runway real quick to tell us about her Kimoji App.

Yes, Kim posted those nudes earlier this week and yes, we have seen her naked so many times and yeah she has a daughter and feminist were meeh meeh be a good example to your daughter and young girls. I honestly try to stay away from anything Kardashian not fashion related because whether she is naked or not, the girl is cashing her 80 million video game check. And based on her reaction via Twitter, I think she is taking a few Twitter classes from her husband.

Back to Yali:

MY FRIENDS!!! Oh how I’ve missed you all. I hope you are doing well and enjoying life to the fullest.
I am here to do a review for the Kimojis. So let’s get this going.

I bought the Kimojis for $1.99 a couple of weeks ago. Not gonna lie…I was a little too excited to buy
some emoji’s in the shape of Kim Kardashian. LOL! After I bought them I texted all my friends using the
Kimojis. For those who do not know, the Kimojis include bigger ones that move, which OF COURSE were my favorites. The only down side for the moving Kimojis is there are only 11! ELEVEN! What am I gonna do with just 11!? But anyways…

The moving Kimojis include:

                                            1. Kim on a stripper pole
                                            2. Twerking
                                            3. Shaking her ass from side to side

                                            4. Dabbing
                                            5. Kim in a full length light colored fur, belly rolling and dropping it (My fashion major side just came out)
                                             6. Kim with short blonde hair motioning you over with her finger
                                             7. Blowing a kiss
                                             8. Sips tea (LOL My favorite)

9. Kim making it rain with money
10. The money raining (HAHA!)
11. Her way back when, hitting Khloe with her purse yelling “Don’t be F*****g rude” (Honestly one
of the funniest)

I can’t lie and say these Kimojis suck because they honestly don’t. It’s a different and funnier version of
our boring old emojis. In the regular Kimoji section you’ll find the regular smiley faces etc. but you will
also see these super Kim-ified ones. There is an ugly Kim crying face instead of a boring sad face (BEST
ONE). There’s a Kim butt. There are some hand signals – some gang related ones (?) which kind of
confused me but hey it’s Kanye’s wife. One of my favorites is the HUGE diamond ring. It helps when
you’re trying to drop some hints to that special someone! (You know who you are).

All in all, if you like different emojis and are bored of the same boring ones just download the Kimojis.
They’re hilarious. They’re fun. It ALWAYS gives your texting buddies a giggle, which is always a plus. In
the words of Shia LaBeouf – JUST DO IT!


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