Spring Break Forever: Myrtle Blues

Hi, dolls. It has been a bit since I have been on the runway. You know how things get--school, work, fashion shows, life. Oh yeah, and then there is spring break.

I spent a wonderful week down in Myrtle Beach. I went with a good friend and we went camping. Before you say "Omg ew. Seriously? Camping? Do people even do that anymore..." Yes, yes they do. And it was actually pretty damn fun. We went to the KOA Myrtle Beach campground (http://www.koa.com), it was massive and actually super nice. Brand new bathrooms that were right across from our campsite. For the whole week it only cost us around $200 to camp there--talk about cost effective. Not to mention we drove down, which saved us a whole lot of money on plane tickets. Didn't really help with the sleep situation though.

Granted, we spent every night in someone's hotel. We met some really amazing people while we were down there. They made us a bed in their hotel room and we basically "camped" out there for the week. It was very kind of them. (The hotel had an amazing view too!)

I was so happy down in Myrtle. I was born to be on the beach with my toes in the sand and a drink in my hand. This New England thing is SO not for me. Cold weather and cold people, I don't think so. 80 degrees and cloudless every day, it was absolute perfection. The days were filled with drinks, music, and football (yes, I can throw a football. Damn well too!) We spent our days sunbathing and our nights clubbing.

Remember that post I did a little bit ago about that cheeky little bikini company Bandaid Box Bikinis? Well I wore my custom Bandaid Box Bikini down in Myrtle and got so many compliments! I have on the Cross Back Top and Scrunchie bottoms (I told you she would expand into tops). Check her out here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BandaidBoxBikinis

Safe to say, spring break was incredible. If any of you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to spring break, road trip and camp! It keeps costs low and you get some serious bonding time.


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