Runway Reflection: Armani goes fur free. What are you willing to give up?

As lent comes to an end, this week is the perfect time to reflect and maybe bring back your New Year resolutions to the table. I gave up something that I thought I could not go a day without-this will remain between me and my God but the few friends that I told also told me that there was no way I was going to give it up for 40 days. But I have been so good without that distraction that I might as well just kick it off my Runway like a bad trend that it was. I am not saying that fur is a bad trend but Giorgio Armani has decided to stop using fur in any of his fashion collections as of autumn/ winter 2016 and I think that this is going to make his brand even greater.

The company is reflecting its attention to the critical issues of protecting and caring for the environment and animals. Chairman of the Fur Free Alliance Joh Vinding said that Armani’s fur-free announcement makes it clear that designers and consumers can have creative freedom and luxury all without supporting animal cruelty. I agree with him. We do not have to follow society’s trends and norms to enjoy the finer things in life.

Think about it. Is there something on your Runway that maybe is not the worst thing but you can do without it.  Could you work on your money saving habits? You do not really have to have to buy all those things to impress the people who do not matter at the end of the day. This “thing” could be as simple as drinking more water. Yes soda tastes better than water but you will be surprised at the wonders drinking more water will do for your skin. Or could you pray more? It could be your spending habits. Do you spend too much? Do you need to spend more on yourself?

It was fur for Armani. What is it going to be for you? I dare you and myself to give up something that will help us get out of our comfort zone. The magic happens when you get out of your comfort zone. It will help you grow and we are all about growth on my Runway.

Think about that one think that you could give up for good: It has to be something that will make the spotlight on your Runway brighter. What do you think of Armani’s decision to go fur free?

Thank you for walking on my Runway.



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