Spotlight on Slaughter Visuals.

Ending this week with the Spotlight on Slaughter Visuals. Slaughter Visuals is a black owned business run by Olivia Slaughter, Chris Rogers / Haasan Barclay. The focus of Slaughter Visuals is working with other black artists predominantly. As a community, social justice and political activism can help our continuous problems but we also have to work on our economic growth. My Runway is vowing to  put the spotlight on black-owned businesses. Let’s put into action positive steps to support each other whenever we can.

Slaughter Visuals pride themselves on being a multi media experience in every way. Everything that they put out they created it themselves. They shoot and edit everything and they also produce music. When you go through their work, you will see a theme of elements of nature.

If you need anything media related, Slaughter Visuals can offer you video, commercial, photography, gifs and media roll out plans for music releases specifically catered to social media.

I am a big fan of their work and artistic point of view. Check out more of their work HERE. If you want my Spotlight to be on your craft then holla at your girl. Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for walking on my Runway.


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