STYLE FILE: Favorite Miley Cyrus moments

When I think about body image and just embracing yourself flaws and all, Miley Cyrus is one of the first celebrities that come to mind. Although she is team #freethenipple and ll that, l have never had a problem with the changes that she made in her life. I used to idolize her and she is still my girl but when she started going crazy, I knew she was broken hearted so I decided not to pay as much attention to her. Sometimes it is that easy.

She was such a It girl in 2011/2012 that I wish she had kept her style. The only thing that bothers me with the new Miley is that she dresses like a unicorn on crack. One of the reasons that she is still a favorite on my Runway is that she knows how much you miss the old Miley (she probably does too) but she is keeping the show going. Now that she is cooling off a bit with Liam back in the picture, I wonder if she still got some of these looks in her closet. The thing is, I wish 23 yr old Miley dressed like 18/19 year old Miley.

These are some of my favorite Miley looks.She was such a babe. Miley’s style evolution is one for the books. I am sure my Runway is not the same as it was in 2011/2012. Don't forget to come Backstage.

Thank you for walking on my Runway


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