Guest Post: BOS → AUS: It's a Hipster Thing Part I by Catherine LaMacchia

Every time I leave Boston I have mixed emotions. Excitement with a little bit of sadness. I hate to leave the city that is my home: Boston. But whenever I do leave, it's because I am chasing my one great love: Travel. I try and space out my trips. Because, you know, I have to be an adult and maintain a job, and money doesn't grow on trees. Despite what a few adults told me while I was growing up - I'm looking at you mom. Anyways, January was a spontaneous trip to Martinique Island in the Caribbean (Shout to Norwegian Air for making that possible). In May I’m heading to Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

But in keeping with true addict habits, I couldn't wait a little over three months for my next trip. So I decide to throw a mini vacation in between. I had a friend in Austin, TX from study abroad who I hadn't seen in a year. So I talked with her, booked a flight and I was subdued (for now). I left early Tuesday April 5th on a 7AM flight with JetBlue. Boston to Austin - say that ten times fast. I landed around 11AM in Texas. My friend picked me up at the airport, we dropped off my bags at her apartment and the adventure began. This adventure began like all adventures should - with food.

Second only to Travel, is my love for food. So we went in search for the exotic, the new, the hipster and the only in Austin. First stop, the famous "Torchy's." (You may have heard about "Torchy's" because of President Obama, he ate there when he visited Austin). In keeping with true Austin fashion, we opted out of eating at the actual restaurant and went on a hunt for the Food Truck version. After a quick caffeine fix, I had ordered a Chicken Fajita, salsa and chips from "Torchy's." I was given a number directed to a bench, and the food was brought out a few minutes later.

It was as good as it looks. A little spicy, the chicken wasn't too dry (a problem a lot of places seem to struggle with) the cheese was perfectly melted. The combination of flavors and ingredients was everything and more. From there we made a quick stop at her office before heading out for the rest of the day. (Good thing I napped on the plane). We drove out to South Congress St. and did some shopping. There were tons of one-of-a-kind hipster stores, thrift
stores and vintage shops. Quick fun fact: Austin was Hipster before Hipster was a "thing." So you can imagine what the street looked like.

After some wandering around and absentminded shopping. We went to "OPA!" a little Greek Restaurant in South Austin, with a very good happy hour and even better food. While abroad Rachel and I had visited Athens and Mykonos together. So we figured in the spirit of reminiscing, why not! Here we were able to order the same beer and similar versions of food we had while in Greece. (Mythos is a decent Greek Beer if you are wondering). We had Souvlaki, Greek Salad and a Falafel. All was amazing! We finished the remaining Mythos - oops - and relaxed in the nice weather on the porch swing. "OPA!'s" decor is similar to the coffee shop from FRIENDS. Old, plush chairs and couches on the inside with a bar. But outside, you'll find an assortment of picnic tables, porch swings and outdoor tables and chairs. (Remember how I mentioned Hipster?) We swung, swapped stories, drank and ate. The weather was perfect and the company just as good.

Dessert was had over by Zilker Park in Austin. At a little food Truck called "Holla! Mode."If you have never had Thai Style Ice Cream before. It's is life changing. I took a video of the process it was that fascinating. I ordered a Coconut Milk, Almond Cream, Almonds, Strawberries, and honey ice cream. Everything but the honey was mixed together and then laid out on a metal cold plate. Here the Ice Cream was mixed together and then spread out flat so that it harden into ice cream. Then a scraper was used to roll the now iced cream into individual rolls, like a rolled up carpet, and then they were placed into the cup and drizzled with honey.

This is quite possibly the best Ice cream I have ever had. We ate our Thai Style ice cream while walking through Zilker Park. The view was amazing!


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