New Logo Alert by nrdsart

AAAAHHHHHHH My Runway finally has a logo. I have been thinking about getting a logo for the longest time but I wanted one that felt right. You know, I did not want to sent down a look down the runway worn  with the wrong shoes. That is why I reached out to my Nicole to  have some of her creativity. She is a creative genius and always busy so it meant a lot when she agreed. She is an artist and always willing to help others succeed because a candle does not loose light by lighting up another candle. Thank you so much for this Logo Nicole.

Thank you for those who are always showing me support through liking my posts, retweeting even just having a conversation with me about my Runway. And to those sleeping on my Runway, I don’t want you to wake up when it is too late. Have you ever slept through your alarm, it's not fun at all.

And to those who guest blog on my Runway, you are the supermodels and are worth more than Tom Ford.

There will always be a new post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. More men’s things are coming. It’s only going up from here. If you are reading this, I want to tell you that trust your process, do not be afraid to take risks. We wear crowns on my runway!

What do you think of our logo?


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