TRENDS: The choker necklace back by popular demand

The choker necklace has been the most popular trend recently and it is starting to grow on me. 
The evolution of fashion is a beautiful thing. The trend can be traced back to the French Revolution but it became most popular in the 90’s. We have seen it on the Runway, the streets and all over my snapchat feed.  I did not care much for it before but now I find myself wondering whether it is the one thing my outfits have been missing lately.

I think that choker necklaces are fun. I have noticed that there are two kinds. There is the grunge inspired choker. It is either thin or thick in black. Sometimes it will have a pendant but it is okay if it does not have one. They add a tough sexy feel to an outfit.

The  jewelry and statement choker seems to be more of my style. This one is more glamorous and sophisticated than the grunge choker. It is more fashion forward since you can use any piece of jewelry whether silver or gold. Do not be afraid  to layer them according to your liking.

Come Backstage to show us how you rock the choker necklace trend!!


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