Fashion News: Google and Levi's new jacket can answer your phone calls

What will our clothes be able to do next? We are taking “wearable technology” to another level with this jacket made with a new project between Google and Levi’s. This jacket has interactivity woven with its very own fibers. This is the first piece to come out of Project Jacquard. The brand’s commuter jacket was definitely designed with bikers in mind. This is how it works, the special yarns in the jacket link up to a sensor at the wearer’s left cuff. You can take off the sensor and charging it with a USB plugin. This sensor would allow you to answer or decline calls, adjust the volume on your music or even skip to the lemonade. This jacket can also give you turn by turn directions.

Does it order pizza though? What are your thoughts on wearable technology in general? Thank you for walking on my Runway. Come Backstage to see the ultimate squad goals.


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